Now I noticed that everyone else had a web page, So I had to have one too. See I'm clever like that. Nothing gets by me.. Not knowing what I was supposed to do here, I went and checked out the other pages and I guess I'm supposed to tell you how I ended up with this family.

Oh wait the humans are supposed to talk first. sorry... here, I'll the the human talk and then I'll come back on.

Hello, I would like you to meet Cahill. As you see he has to be a part of EVERYTHING. Anyway's he was born March 14, 2002 He's a Golden Retriever. Ok.. he's sitting right here waiting to talk so.. Here's Cahill. Cahill

The first thing I can remember is opening my eyes and seeing 4 or was it 5 other puppies. They all looked alike. Did I look like them? Mom, Dad and Grandma was there too. Mom was real nice, she took care of us. She made sure I had enough to eat, she kept me clean, and protected me. Dad thought us how to walk, how to play and how to explore. Us puppies would spend the day running around, jumping on each other - and of course lets not forget getting into trouble. Life was good!

Then one day some people came to the house. We didn't know who they were, Mom and Dad called us over to this one spot and tried to hide us but the humans that lived in the house also, found us and pulled out of our hiding spot and into the hands of these strangers. Then after a little bit these people, shook hands with the humans, picked up my brother, put him in their car and drove away. What happened, why did he have to go, where did he go? After that day one by one every one was taken away but me, and I didn't know why.

A few weeks later another set of people showed up. The same thing happened as before Mom and Dad would hide me, the humans would pick me up and put me in the hands of strangers. The only difference was now I was all alone. Much to my surprise, when I was taken to these people there was another dog outside waiting to see me too. Now this is fun. I played with this dog, and I liked her. I even liked the people she was with. After a while the humans, and us dogs went for a walk. It was a long walk. I had a tough time keeping up, but I knew I could do it. We finally reached the top. I was so happy. Then guess what! We had to walk back.

After the walk, my new friend and the humans got into their car and left... I was sad, I didn't know what I did wrong. I know I was tired at the end of that walk, but i'm just a puppy

The next day much to my surprise, they were back!!! Guess what, they did what everyone else did. Shook the house humans hands put me in their car and drove away.

We drove forever and when the car finally stopped and we all got out. I started to get scared. I didn't know where I was, my mom and dad were gone, what what going to happen to them and now I was being carried towards this big yellow house. As soon as the door opened, I saw that big dog that was with us the other day when we went for that walk and I heard the humans say - welcome come Cahill. That first night, was scary. I was locked in the kitchen, I was missing my mom and dad and started to cry. The gray cat they call Woody, jumped the gate to keep me company, but I was just a puppy and thought he was a toy and wanted to play with him instead. I almost hurt him, but was yelled at by the female to put him down and then they took him away from me. Soon I realized he wasn't a toy, he just was trying to make me feel better.

I grew very attached to Bailey. We did everything together. She was the world to me. She taught me a lot of things, what I could get away with, what I couldn't, she let me sleep with her, let me chew her bones, shared our food, played tug of war with me or any other game I wanted to play, she was the best. She was never more then a paw print away from me. Unfortunatly she started to get old, had trouble climbing stairs, getting up and down. I tried to help, but I didn't know how. The humans would give her some medicine and it would make her feel better, but never fixed her. Then one day, the unthinkable happened. She couldn't get up at all. Just cried all day. When the humans came home they took her to the doctors, but..... Bailey didn't come back. She has a webpage too. check it out. I'll never forget that day. It was September 25, 2006 she was 17.

So now I'm the only dog, and you know what. It's not that bad. I actually like it. I don't have to share my treats, the walks we go on are much faster now, all bones are all mine, I get to go for car rides and I get the entire seat. Life is good. I have no complaints. I get to go to the Mutt Struts now, my humans mother has a dog now as well, and I get to visit Cody a lot, we have fun. We go camping, hiking... Life is great.... Well I'm barked your ear off long enough. I want to go for a walk or something. So check out my pictures below, and till next time... see ya!

Update.. Update... It's January 2011 and guess what my owners did.... They brought in another dog. This time it's a Springer Spaniel and they are calling him Bruce. Currently.. I'm putting up with this thing, but I enjoyed being the only dog. Now.. my tail is getting bit, my neck is getting bit, my ears, feet... he's pulling my hair. I look at my owners and they say, do you rmember doing this to Bailey.. NO. I didn't do that stuff... I did my own thing.... oh wait. I just looked at those pictures.. guess I was alwful close to Bailey... but still.. enough of this little live sweek toy...




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