This is Woody. We brought him home the last weekend in April 1999. It was the weekend of Woodstock, which is how he got his name. Woody is a talker and right now he's screaming at me, he wants to tell his stories. So here's Woody...



Meow meow, meow meow.... oopps sorry, forgot I had to speak English for you humans. Well, what I said was hello everyone, I'm Woody. I started out the middle cat, but I am now the oldest. As you will notice there isn't that many pictures of me. They seem to take a lot of Frank, I miss Frank) and Chloe, but I seem to get missed. Maybe that's because I tend to do my own thing... I am a Cat after all.

I do have to tell you of this one story though. I think it's kind of funny and shows off how brave i am, thus I'm very proud of it.

I think I was about 1 years old, because It was in the middle of the year that those humans call the New Millennium. This was before Chloe became a member of this house and while Bailey was still with us.

One night as I was patrolling the house and I heard this strange bird in the humans bedroom. Me and the older cat, Frank, went to investigate. I instantly knew it didn't belong there and I had to prove to those humans that I was better then Frank and I can earn my keep. I started hunting it down, leaping higher and higher at each attempt. One of my leaps woke up the female human. She had no clue what was happening and went straight to the bathroom - I don't know why they do that.

Back to my story. With her out of the way I figured I could get onto the bed and use the springs to get me even higher. Still all this time the older cat just watched with interest but no help at all. Well the bed must have worked because I sprung up and caught that bird and we both landed right on top of the male human. Guess what he did! He started screaming. It scared me and made me lose that bird. He turned on all the lights, yelled out bat, bat, and ran into the bathroom with the female - why do they do that?

While the two human's were in the bathroom me, Frank and the bat all went downstairs. Shortly after that the female came down turning on all the lights but the living room. She kept that room dark. I started meowing and gave it away that the bat was now in that room. I leaped one more time. Missed but caused the bat to start flying. I'm guessing that because of the lights the bat remained in the living room. I ran on top of the chair, and pounced and caught the bat again. I was so happy. This time it was the female that was screaming. She was crying out my name. I looked up to make sure she was OK and again lost the bat.

Humans what is wrong with them.

Now my hunt had to start all over again, and still Frank just sat there, didn't even try to help, the small dog was in a cage and the big dog was upstairs sleeping. Humans and Dogs, enough said?

OK get back on track. I got back on top of the chair, seems how that did wonders the last time. Watched the bat fly around and around. I sat there waiting for the perfect moment. The humans were running around. I don't know what they were doing, at last I found it, took one huge flying leap. Caught the bat and we landed in the middle of the floor. Silence fell all around me for a second. Then you could hear the bat cry. I was never happier. I am only 1 and I saved my humans. I bet they are happy to have me living here. Listen to this bat cry. He knows he messed with the wrong cat. I'm so proud...

Wait, wait, what is this. What is this male human doing. Back off it's mine. I've worked hard for this. Hey give me that back. What are you doing, why are you putting that thing over my prize. I got it under control.. Oh no here comes the female. She's got a shoe in her hand. Doesn't that belong on her foot? OH NO!!! They killed the bat. That was my job, Hey put me down, put me down, where is he taking my bat, put me down stop saying good kitty and put me down. Finally, but hey where is the bat? Where did it go? I can't hear it or see it. The smell is still here but. but...

Wait what is this? I smell catnip. Oh boy. I guess I did do good thing. She keeps saying Woody your such a good boy and now I have catnip to first roll in and then eat. Alright!

Since that story..

Since then we've had some changes in the house. As you figured out from above we added another cat her name is Chloe. She's really nice, although every now and then she hisses and attacks me. I'm not sure why, all I'm doing is sleeping the bed. It's not like I'm taking her toys away from her, I'm 17 after all. I just like to talk, eat that wonderful soft food and sleep. and as I said above, we lost Bailey and Frank. Now it's up to Chloe and I to take care of the humans when those nasty bats get into the house, well lets be honest. Again I'm 17, I'm not chasing any bats so I guess it's all up to Chloe. We've been getting less and less as they fix things, but Chloe and I are always ready and waiting for them. Also what I failed to mention that we also had a wonderful dog named Cahill living with us for a very long time. But like Bailey and Frank he has also moved on to Rainbow Bridge. Don't worry there is still a dog in this house. Sometimes I wish that he wasn't here but he is. His name is Bruce. I no longer hang out down stairs because of him. He chases me and scares me. So I pretty much stay upstairs.


Thanks for reading my story, and as promised here are some pictures of me. Not many, but at least there are some.
My favorite picture is the one of me outside looking at you guessed it the birds.


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