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My Family

Cookie Maple Kody Whitey Cahill Spooky Topaz Frank Bailey Ama Sara Dusty Allegro Brother Toby

Our Friends

Rocket Bear Toes Mama Rosco Ninja Harley Lucky China Nicki

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...



Cookie Christmas
cookie outside






This is Cookie

March 29, 1997 (+1) - August 13, 2014

Cookie was rescued from the Herkimer Humane Society on March 29, 1997. She was almost a year old when she came to live with my mom. So we always said she was - umm pick a year, lets go with 10 plus one years old. So even though she lived to be 18, we would say 17 plus 1.

She was a great cat. Loved her personality, if you were holding her and she wanted to get down. She would just flop over on your arms and become dead weight. That was her way or resisting to the fact that you were holding her and she didn't want to be held. Most cats would have clawed you, not Cookie she just made herself as heavy as she could.

In her younger years she got to go outside on a cat leash and check out the yard. She enjoyed watching the birds and smelling the flowers.

Cookie, you were apart of this family for a long time but most importantly you were there for my mom when ever she needed you.

Cookie, you will be greatly missed. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your life!




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This is Maple

2000 - 2013

Maple belonged to Bob and Melissa. She was an beautiful cat, who enjoyed her life. In her younger years Bob would have the window open and a board leading to it. No need to sneak out and jump, just step outside of the window and then down the plank. She loved it. But as she grew older and things changed in the house hold (had other cats that were not allowed outside) the window closed but Maple didn't mind, she was content inside the nice warm and loving home. I don't think she ever liked the dogs that Melissa brought into the house, but she at least tolerated them. It was just another new routine. On August 10, Maple decided she had enough change in her life and asked for help. With heavy hearts she got the help she needed.

Maple we all love you and miss you a great deal, but we know you are now with your friends and running all over the yard or sleeping on that comfortable couch.



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This is Kody
(A Keeshond or "smiling Dutchman")

November 26, 1999 - August 5, 2013

My mom saved Kody in the spring of 2008. Our family went to the annual Mutt Strut from the Herkimer County Humane Society and there he was, ready and waiting. We took him for a walk and he was the perfect dog. Walked really well, took breaks. My mom fell in love. The next day went back down to the Humane Society and adopted Kody.

But Kody tricked us all. As it turned out he wasn't this slow moving sit down and rest type of dog, turned out he was just tired that day. :) Funny story, one day this lady and her dog were walking down the street. Kody pushed open the screen door, ran up to the other dog, that dog ran around it's owner, knocked her down and took off up the street. While the two dogs are playing in the street another dog came out to see what was going on. He didn't join in but I'm sure he enjoyed watching. The walker gets knocked down again. All the dogs wanted to do was chase each other and play. haha.

Kody loved to go for rides and loved his treats. Like most dogs he wanted cookies more then he wanted his food and he would win. I'm so happy Kody came into our life and spent the best 6 years of his life with my mom. He was originally from the catskills and had been abused. This unfortunately had a huge impact on his life and his ability to understand some simple things like playing with dog toys. He left the Catskills and was adopted by another family, but they gave him up after only 3 years. This rejection affected his trust for humans. It took him 2 - 3 years before he trusted my mom, but he came to realize he found his home. He understood he was loved and no longer had to worry about a thing and became a very happy dog. He was always smiling, he loved having his belly rubbed and as mentioned he didn't really know how to play but had fun learning. I would do something simple like cover his eyes and when I let go, the look on his face was like - "I don't know what your doing, or why you are doing it, but this is fun".

Kody, you are an awesome dog. I have no idea why anyone wanted to give you up but I'm glad they did because they brought you to our family. You are missed by all, but I know you are now running around and enjoying "Rainbow Bridge"




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This is Whitey

2003 - September 30, 2011

Whitey was born in Melissa's garage in 2003. He lived his entire life there, it was his safe place and place to eat, rest and get warm. It was his home. He may be defined as a feral cat , but just because he lived outside in the garage, never feeling the joy of curling up inside on a couch or trusting the loving feel of human touch...he was loved and cared for just the same and he knew it. Melissa would come home with food, and out of nowhere he would come a running to eat. He was an outside cat and kept his distance from us humans, but the love and trust was there. You could see it in his eyes and in his actions.

Whitey was a favorite and will be greatly missed by everyone that knew him. Including Cinder and Mama (his brother and mother who also live in Melissa's / Mom's Garage.




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Gettiplaying in the snow
Gettiloved to lay on his back
jut got back from the groomers

This is Cahill

March 14, 2000 - August 9, 2011

Lots of tears fell and hearts were broken when Cahill decided it was time for him to leave this world. I hope he knows how much happiness he brought into our world. I like to thank him for all the love and affection he gave us for eleven years.

His favorite things to do were to go for car rides, never knew a dog who loved it as much as he did. He loved those long walks, hikes, skiing and bike riding with Aaron. He loved this yellow stick that Melissa and Bob gave him one year for Christmas. Pick up that stick and he would get so excited because he just knew that he was going to the park and was going to get to run free and play with that stick. He also really enjoyed balloons, they were like the best "toy" you could give him. If a balloon came into this house, he just knew it was for him. It had to be, and it was. He would pick it up and carry it around for days, and would get upset if it popped by accident

One thing he never really enjoyed until the last few months of his life was swimming. He was a water dog, loved to get in but would not swim unless his leash was on him. Until we brought home Bruce, a springer spaniel, Bruce went swimming the very first time he ever saw water. At that point Cahill said if a tiny puppy can do this.. so can I.

He came this close to having a band named after him as well, because we would have band practice and he would lay right in the middle of the room soaking it all in. He even went to a few shows with us. So before we became "The Posers" we thought about "Cahill's Crusaders"

Cahill was the first dog I have raised from puppy to adult. Aaron has raised others but he was a first for me. At least that I can remember and he taught me just as much as I think I taught him. He was the best dog a person could ever ask for.

Cahill, We miss you, but I know you are happy and are with Frank and Bailey once again..



Gettileading Aaron ona bike rideGettienjoying the sun

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Getting a drink of water

This is Spooky

October 31, 2000 - November 23, 2010


Spooky belonged to Melissa and Bob. She was a Wonderful cat. She was found on Halloween eve. My sister worked hard at getting her to come out from under the porch. When she finally did, she took her and gave her a nice warm loving home. Spooky was a very timid cat. Hid most of the time. You knew she was there, but you didn't see her.

Her best friend was Topaz. She missed her dearly. Topaz and Spooky were always together, they enjoyed each other's company.


Spooky you were a great cat, a great friend. We miss you. But I know you are happy to be with your best friend Topaz once again.




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Getting a drink of water
getting ready for christmas
Jumping though the hoops

This is Topaz

February 23, 1996 - May 21, 2009


Topaz belonged to Melissa and Bob. She was a fantastic dog. It has been said that she lived a “bright and shining life” how true that is. Topaz was Melissa's problem child and angel all in one. She tried everything at least once. She tried to be a stunt artist and jumped out of a car window – while it was traveling down the road at 55 mph (well really about 20 as I had just turned onto White Creek Rd). Thus lead to the dog seat belt she was hooked to when she went for rides. She loved parties and invited herself to a graduation party. She had a great time being petted and eating all the fantastic food, she even helped herself to a beer, ‘Isn't that what you do at graduation parties?'. She also tried out for the West Canada Valley AYSO soccer team. She was doing a great job at it too. She was right in the middle going after that soccer ball and getting in everybody's way, she could have kept playing but the ref got mad when she blocked a goal! That's when they looked at her tags and called Melissa to tell her they found her and to ‘come get her!' But that was Topaz... ultimately she found out her place was at home. She wasn't a stunt artist, she wasn't a world class soccer player, she wasn't the entrainment for a graduation party, but she was the “best dog she could be” for Melissa and Bob.

Topaz… We miss you. I miss those beautiful eyes of yours that demanding bark and the excitement that you had when people visited. We all love you and miss you a great deal!




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frank on cuboard


This is Frank

November 10, 1995 - March 24, 2009

Frank was 13 years old and was my "best friend". I fell in love with this cat the first time I saw him. He was the runt of the pack and I just knew he had to be mine. Then for Christmas I opened up some cat toys and was told I could bring him home if I would name him Frank. Done deal. So he was named Frank after Frank Zappa because of the markings on his face.

Frankie enjoyed his life; and his adventures. When we lived in Frankfort, he used to sit on the refrigerator and would hi-five each other every time I walked past. He loved to play tag, and hop sideways when he got excited. Also while living in Frankfort he jumped out of a third story window and didn't have a scratch on him.

He loved boxes and bags. if a box came in to the house. He was in ecstasy because there was a new box to inspect, no matter the size. He also loved hanging out on your shoulder. You couldn't pick him up like a normal cat, he had to be on your shoulder, or around your neck and he would stay up there for hours, you didn't have to hang on to him, you just had to have him there. He also knew how to torment Aaron. Every night at bed time, he would start out by Aaron's feet. Aaron would kick him off the bed, Frank would return 3 - 4 more times, till he would eventually move to the head of the bed and stare at Aaron for like 5 minutes or so. Eventually he would move to my side of the bed and crawl under the blankets lay by my belly and put his tail into my hand, yes he wanted you to hang onto his tail, once there we would both drift off to sleep..

of course he had his annoying habits as well, and I never thought I'd hear myself saying this but I miss them. We keep a tray table between our couch and chair. Every night Frank would walk back and fourth, crossing over the tray table and either knocking everything off of it or step on the remote and change the channel, we used to get so annoyed. Now I miss it. Another thing I miss is his refusal to drink out of a water dish. No that wasn't good enough, he had to race you to the bathroom and you HAD to turn on the bathtub just so he could drink.

I could talk for ever about this cat. He was my pride and joy, and will be greatly missed.

He had his own web page, here is the link. it tells the story about when Aaron thought the cops were at the apartment and Aaron thought they cops took Frank away and as it turned out he was sleeping in his waiters...

Frank.. We love you and miss you.


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BaileyBailey in her chairBailey Looking at us


This is Bailey

September 1989 - September 25, 2006

After 17 long wonderful years, our dog Bailey has passed away.  She lived a fantastic life and experienced many things.  

She was found as a stray in the state of W Washington .  She was then given to Aaron as the couple who found her was getting a divorce and couldn’t keep her.  Being a young pretty blonde she was allowed to stay in the barracks even though that was against regulations.    She got to go to work with him and even experienced a Air Force barracks fire drill.

  After Aaron was discharged, they traveled across the states to Frankfort , NY , and eventually to Ilion .  While she was in Frankfort she escaped a number of times.  But to Bailey she was in her glory.  She loved running free, she loved running.  However each time she was either picked up by the humane society or some family who didn’t want to give her back but luckily for us after a few days of worrying, wondering, or paying a good donation,  each time she was returned. 

  She was known for getting out of her collar, no matter how tight it was around her neck.  Geri can tell you a funny story about slipping her collar and going after a woodchuck, which at the time Geri thought was a rabid raccoon. 

  She was a good dog, always had a smile on her face, always in a happy mood, always had one ear up and one down and always had to have a dog treat at 11:00pm .  Even though there are 4 other animals in this house.. There’s this huge hole, emptiness that can’t be filled.

We miss you and love you very much Bailey

To read more about Bailey - check out her page

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This is Amadeus May 1994 - October 8, 2002

Amadeus was a one of a kind and will be missed by all who knew him. He was my sisters cat and no matter where she was in the house, Ama was never more than a few feet away. It quite evident he was a 'mAma-boy'. AMA was the most lovable cat in the world as long as you didn't pick him up. He always had to be in total control. He loved to sit on your lap, but it HAD to be on his terms.

He loved all bags. Put a bag on the floor and AMA was into it, especially our hair dressers bags. She would set them down on the floor and AMA would start poking around

AMA was a big cat and a very fast one. He was always on the look out for that front door to open. If he got out, her never went far usually under the porch, but it was far enough to make you spend hours trying to get him within reach and back into the house.

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This is Seranade. October 15, 1989 - September 9, 2000.

She was a happy lovable cat who lived a great life. She belonged to my sister. I remember as a kitten she used to love to chase prisms and could never figure out where they went when she put her paw on top of it. She then would get confused when she saw the prism else where on the wall. There was this one time, my sister had just bought a house and had everything open as she was unpacking. Well Sera was exploring, she went up into the attic. No big deal right. Wrong she found this hole in the wall and crawled in, and then got stuck. My sister could hear her meowing but couldn't find her. Finally they did, and got her out. Sera also liked to sleep in closets, so if you couldn't find her, all you had to was just start moving stuff around you would find her in some small corner curled up and sleeping.
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This is Dusty. She lived to be 18 years old. I remember bringing her home. She was so little. I fell head over heals for her. She was the perfect cat. As you can see she loved to play cards. Every time I went to play a game she was right there to take over. She also loved to play catch with me. I would roll a ball over to her and she would catch it and bat it right back to me.
When she was a kitten she used to be scared of people so she ran and hid when ever someone came over. Some friends didn't even realize we had her till she was about 13. She became brave then.

With her you also had to watch what you had laying out. There was this one time my mom had a headache. She put two aspirins on the table. Turned around to get a glass of water, and by the time she turned back Duster had taken the aspirin. She was so fast no one saw her, we just saw a gray blur! Dusty like to play ariplane. What's that. I would lay on my back and pick her up and "wave" her around in the air. sounds crazy but she liked it. She also had a way of getting my entire bed to herself. She would jump up and start out in the little tiny ball, but would start stretching out, I of course would adjust to accomadte her and next thing I knew she had the entire bed and I had just this little spot.

I miss Our Dusty. She was the best cat anyone could ask for. She was so ever pretty, and just a pleasure to be around.

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This is Allegro. She was my sister's dog and my buddy. She lived to be 9 or 10 years old. She had a heart murmur, so her and I used to pal around. We watched what everyone else did.

Alley was a protector. But she only recognized the words not the actions. If my sister and I were messing around, pretending to be hurting each other we would yell out "ouch Alley ouch" and Allegro would come barking at us. The only problem was if my sister was the one who was "hurting me" but yelled ouch alley ouch, the dog would bark at me, If I yelled also she would just stand by the both of us and bark at us. She tried to help, that's what counts."

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Brother and Dusty


This is Brother. He was my sister's cat and lived to be 13 years old. He was a guard cat if you will. When ever there was a problem of any kind Brother would come and get you. One night the wind blew our door open. He kept waking my mom up. She kept pushing him off of the bed and he would jump right back meowing in her ear. Finally she got up and he took her to the door. She closed it and they both went back to sleep.

One time there was a mouse trapped in a cupboard Yuck I know! glad it only happened once but Brother came and told us. At the time we had another cat Toby see down below who also knew he was there but couldn't figure out how to get him. My mom put a chair by the drawer, Toby just waited. Brother jumped in, got him, but he was such a kind cat, he let the mouse go! Right in to Toby's mouth.

Brother our hero

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TobyBack to top This is Toby. He was my cat and only lived to the age of 4. I got him from my roommate I had during my first surgery. Toby used to sleep with me every night. He would get under the blankets and put his head on my pillow along with mine, and loved to have me hold on to him while we slept. He was the only cat who let me do that. I think he was protecting me :)

As you read above. He was a mouse hunter and catcher. When ever he did get the chance to catch a mouse he would spend hours playing with it. Tossing it up into the air. Letting it go, catching it again. After that, I don't know cause I didn't stick around. Mice yuck!


Our Friends


This is Rocket. July 4, 1995 - October 26, 2008

Rocket lived to be 13 year old. He acquired the name Rocket because he was born on July 4th. He belonged to Chris and Joan. Rocket and our dog Bailey were best buds. We used to joke around and call them husband and wife because they got along so well.

Rocket had a great life. His owners gave him everything he wanted. Let him do what he wanted, basically he was treated better then you can imagine.

I remember when he was just a pup, We would go over and visit and I would end up playing with him and race him to his bed, If per chance I got there first... which didn't happen often, he would push me out of it . I miss those days. As years went on I continued to sit on his bed, but as he got older, he didn't seem to mind as much. He still came over and sat down with you, but didn't necessarily push you out anymore.

Rocket, you were a great dog and will be missed by everyone who knew you.

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This is Bear

He lived with Ruth Auther. He was a great dog, lived a long life. He passed away in 2007 and is greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

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Toes - She was originally named "Neapolitan" because I'm (Roxanne) crazy about ice cream and she is three colored. She came to us as a baby, dragged home by my son from a friends house. He absolutely hated her name but we stuck by it. As Neely grew, her name got shortened. She adopted my husband and I and preferred us to our son. She slept with us at night her entire life. As a kitten, she learned that it would so much fun to chase our feet under the bed sheets at night. She would shake her little kitten butt as they often do and then she'd pounce on our toes under the sheets. This is how she became known simply as Toes. Toes was approximately 15 years old. She had very much been babied by the humans in the household and by our other "fur-kids". She has passed on, through the injustice of her dinner, having eaten the tainted cat food supplied by Menu Foods. She will, however, live in our hearts. I miss you toes!

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Mama - She was originally named "Dottie". Dottie was born of a stray cat on the rug in the bathroom of my son's first apartment. My son found homes for all the kittens except her. One person took the stray mother and one of the babies but nobody wanted Mama. My son decided to keep her. Then, he got transferred out of state and could not take her with him so she because a member of our household. My mother was extremely ill with lung cancer and I simply could not call the cat Dottie -- that was my mother's nickname. After observing the former Dottie for a number of weeks, I decided she should be called Mama because she mothered the other fur-kids in our household, even though she was the youngest of all of them. Mama was only 5 years old and she too was a victim of the tained cat food supplied by Menu Foods. She also will live in our hearts forever. Good-bye Mama -- I'm glad you are out of pain, but I miss you terribly.

She also belonged to Roxanne

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This is Roscoe, 11/16/92 - 3/16/05  

Roscoe was a real cool dog. I've only met him once, and fell in love with this dog. My husband has gone camping and hiking a few times with Roscoe and his owner (also in picture). They always had a wonderful time. Roscoe will be missed by everyone who knew him.

My favorite thing about Roscoe was his voice. This dog could sing. Please check out him singing the Heart of Gold with his owner and some friends. This may take a while to download.

Cable/DSL - - 56K

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Ninja 1993 - June 2003

She belonged to my friend "Eccoblue" Ninja was a great cat and a best friend. She kept Ecco happy and laughing from all the silly things she did. She was very sweet and gentle with Ecco, but commanded respect from the other cats in the house. She was the queen (or alpha cat, if there is such a thing). She was very friendly to everyone, including people she hadn't met yet and she loved to lick everyone's toes so going barefoot meant watching out for her sneaking up on you. She was also our fire alarm. Whenever there was smoke in the house she would meow loudly. Nina will be missed by all who knew her and loved her!

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This is Harley. She belonged to Slidergirl. She was the best guard dog I've ever seen. Don't even think of doing something to her owners, with out her permission first. She lived to be quite and old puppy, she had a good life and is missed by all.
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This is Lucky. She belonged to my friend Lynn. She was a lucky dog and lived to the age of 17. Lynn told me that in her prime she used to go horse riding with her and occasionally she would jump from the ground up on the horses back and bark at the other dogs. She also loved to eat pasta... don't think about eating some with out giving Lucky some too. From what Lynn has told me she lived to be quite an old puppy, had a great life and will be missed by all.
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China and Nicki This is China and Niki.
Niki is the one that is looking up. They also belong to Lynn. She misses them a great
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