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- A Dogs Life -

Hello my name is Bailey

September 1989 - September 25, 2006

Sleeping in my favorite chair

    This is Bailey. She passed away on September 25, 2006. She was a huge part of our family and is greatly missed. She had her own page as well, and we decided that it needed to stay. As you will read she wrote this when she was 12. We decided not to change any thing. So if you knew Bailey, please read and remember.


I'm currently 12 years old, I will reach my teens in September (2004).  I don't really know which day is my actual birthday.   My family all say my birthday is in the month of September.   You see I was a run away.  I left my home around the age of 1. I don't really remember why I left that home, I was young and naive, and the world was so big. I just knew that was something better out there. As it turns out there was.

This is what I looked like in September 1990,On my way to a new home - Bailey looking at your from truck..

I'm much older and wiser looking now.

Bailey laughing after a hair cut

well maybe not by the looks of this picture... but isn't my haircut funny - I can't stop laughing.

    My journey started out in the state of Washington.  My current owner was in the service when he found me.  He took me into his room and told me I had to be very quiet.  Guess I wasn't supposed to be there, but I liked this guy and he liked me so I agreed to follow the rules.  It was hard for a pup but I understood.

    Soon the day came when he was released from the service and we had to go home.  Oh boy I thought, Once again I can speak when I want, run, play.. all right.  Little did I know that going home meant a ride in a white pickup truck for gosh I don't remember how long.   We drove from Washington to New York.  I really didn't mind though, cause I love to go for rides.

    We came home to this place in a small town.  I guess it was his parents house.  There lived my owner, his brother, his sister, her daughter, and his parents.  I adored the little one.  She always knew just where to pet me.

    Then the little girl and her mom moved out.  My owner moved upstairs and the parents stayed down, the other guy came and went.  I never could figure him out.  While living upstairs I got lay on the couch, even got on the bed.  It was great.  What a life.  But all that happiness soon left.  Another woman started hanging around my owner.  I at first didn't like her.  She was getting all the attention.  She was sitting on my couch.  She was being taken for rides instead of me, she was getting all the special meals, her her her.  He would come home call her and then go take her for a ride.   I didn't like it.  But the more this lady hung around I started to like her.   She must have taken some lessons from the little girl, because she also knew how to pet me.  Oh it felt so good,  and on sunny days she started taking me for rides and we went for walks.  She even let me get on the couch with her and my owner.   This was cool.  I liked  her a lot, I can't believe there was ever a time when I didn't like her. 

   Now I get confused.  The mother and girl moved back in, my owner started moving out... but I stayed.  A large pen was built for me and I spent most of my time stuck inside of that.  I hated it.  Let me out, let me out, I barked every day, but no one ever did, well at least not as much as I wanted.  Then I got the little girl attention one day.  She opened the door, I felt bad for her cause I didn't let her pet me.  I ran.  I ran and ran. I ran so fast and so far...   Some strange people saw me walking around, made me get into this car and took me for a ride. Cool I thought. I need to do this more often, as I was thinking that we stopped at this place where there were lots of other dogs. Now I'm wondering what is really going on. I hate cages. This was the reason I ran in the first place. I thought I was free from cages. Anyway's there I was in another cage with lots of other dogs. I guess it wasn't that bad.   A couple days later the female that I liked showed up.   She pointed me out, or actually I pointed her out and we went into the office.   I was so happy.  She came and got me and wasn't even mad at me.   It took an hour of paper work and stuff and I got this shinny new tag to wear.  As as test I broke free a few more times but each time she would show up, take me for a ride and then take me back home to that awful cage. 

    Now I live in a small house with my two owners, two cats and another dog!!!  But I'm happy.  I get to go for walks, rides, I play with the female and the male, I chase the cats every now and then,  and I have what you call a dog run so when I ask to go out side I get hooked up to that and I can go all over the yard.  It makes me feel like I'm loose which is what I would love to be, but they don't let me be loose because I have a history of running away.  I guess even though I love my home, once a runner always a runner. Ok, I must admint.. that in my older age. If I get loose, I can't get very far. I tried it one day. The other dog started to bark at me, she came out of the house walked down the street and caught me and took me back home. Not that that's a bad thing, just I can't explore on my own anymore. Oh well. I'm still happy and that's what counts.

Well when I get the chance I will pick out some more picture of me and have them posted. Til then, thanks for reading and have a great day! - Bailey       


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