This is Chloe. She was found on January 30, 2005. She was only 6 months old. Our best guess was she was dropped off by some idiot, who should be... well never mind. The end result, is she's the perfect cat and who ever dumped her, your loss. Your still and idiot, but thanks for the great cat.

Now here's Chloe.


Hello, as you heard I was found in by these nice people and boy was I happy to be found. It was a cold night, I was so little. Had no idea what happened or what I was supposed to do.

Any ways I was told to tell you a story. The best one I can think of is that night in January and how I became a member of this family.

It started out by going for this car ride. Don't remember if it was a long or short ride, but it doesn't matter. I do remember ending up in this huge driveway, and being really really cold. My paws, they were freezing and sticking to the ground - it was awful! I was looking around trying to figure out where I was and how to get warm. Then all of the sudden, these two big yellow dogs came out this house across the street and started barking and then coming towards me, but I was safe from them because there was some kind or rope or something stopping them. I cried out help me help me, but all they did was bark. I was so cold and so scared, I thought; don't these dogs know what I'm saying? Don't they understand? I'm cold and I'm scared, Please someone.

Just then this lady came out of the house and yelled at those two dogs. I'm guessing it was because they were barking at me. So I took the deepest breath I could and yelled HELP ME! Guess what, it worked. She heard me and said hi kitty kitty. I thought she's going to save me. I started yelling some more. She took a few steps towards me. But just as the dogs, she stopped so I was thinking, what she's on a rope too? How can she save me if she can't leave the yard? OH NO!

Then she stood on the sidewalk next to that huge snow bank and said here kitty kitty. Come here. I started purring and running towards her. I got to the middle of the road when those two dogs started barking at me again. So I stopped right there. I'm not going anywhere near them. No way not me. Then the lady started walking down the sidewalk away from the dogs. Saying come on kitty, come on. So I did. I started running down the road following her. When she got down to the end of the sidewalk, I stopped and looked at her for a second. Then ran right over to her, she picked me up. I was so happy. Started to purr really loud, letting her know I was a really nice cat. She took me into the house she came out of and showed me to this guy. He said NO NO NO. Take it back outside. I cried please let me stay, but she took me back outside. We walked to a few other houses and everyone said no. We went back to her house, but then she put me down on the ground and went inside. WHAT! What did I do wrong? I purred, rubbed my head on her hand and now I'm back outside, cold, hungry, and scared. Help me please help me.

I ran up the porch steps and sat by the door, just crying and crying. I was sure this would work and they would let me in, but it didn't. Soon it got darker, and colder, she turned on the porch light to let me know that they were still thinking about me. Then after hours upon hours of me sitting in the cold in front of the window crying, the door opened back up. The same lady came out, she picked me up and she took me in. This time I was put into this huge cage. But the cage had a bed, a litter box, water and best of all food! Boy was I hungry. I filled my belly and laid down on the bed. I was so happy I forgot all about those scary dogs. But as it turned out the dogs didn't even care that I was here. It was someone else I had to watch out for. These people have two cats also and the big white one doesn't like me! The gray one. The one they call Woody seems like a nice cat. He comes up to the cage and just looks at me. About the 5th time or so he came up the cage and said come here. I just sat there. Again he said come here. I won't hurt you. So slowly I got up and went over to him. He just sniffed me and I got to sniff him, we even touched noses. Next came that white cat. I thought because Woody was OK with me, and those two seem to be OK with each other, the white one will be OK with me. So I slowly wondered over to where he was standing, thinking we would sniff each other, but boy was I wrong. That huge white cat hissed at me. Hair standing on end, back arched, tail straight up in the air. Good thing I was in that cage, I ran back to my bed and just stood there, afraid to move. Woody came back and said oh that's Frank. It'll take him a while to get used to you but he will. Luckily for you your in a cage. They didn't do that with me. But really he'll come around. Just keep your distance. He's the oldest cat and set in his ways you know. He's the boss around here. You'll see. Then Frank says, "That is if she stays, if I play my cards right - you won't, I can hear those humans talking, they are saying if I don't get along with you, your out the door. haahaa...besides your in a cage, that means your not staying.. No one else in this house is in a cage.. haahaa.."

A few days went by. I was still sitting in this cage, but I didn't care. I was warm, my belly was full and I was safe from that white cat - Frank. Then the lady came home from work and took me out of the cage. Held me for a little bit and took me into the living room and watched TV. The man even held me for a while. That night when every one went to bed, I decided that I had enjoyed sitting on the couch and I had enough of this cage I wanted out. So that's what I did all night, sat on my bed and contemplated the situation. There had to be a way out. It took me the entire night and next day, but I did it. I found a way out. The next night I got out and found my way to the bedroom, where everyone else was. Jumped up on the bed, but was greetedwith a huge mean hiss from Frank... He yelled get out of here, I sleep here not you. I jumped off the bed, as the lady woke up. She got a hold of me and put me back in the cage, then went back to bed. Well now I knew how to get out so as soon as she was out of site, I got right back out. This time though I didn't go any where near that bed. Frank was up there. The morning came I started to hear the guy and the lady talking, so I thought I would join them, ran upstairs. Was once again greeted by that mean cat, then captured by the lady and then she put me back in the cage, I thought, what is this, well, I'll show you I'm not staying in here, so while she let the dogs out I escaped again. That was the last of the cage.

Years later and I love it here. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Frank and I are good friends now. It took about 3 months before he would let me go near him. But he came around just as Woody said it would. Now the 3 of us sleep together, clean each other, we play tag, play fight, and some other cat things. We even share the humans bed.

I'm not glad that I got lost, but I sure am glad that I found this home, or better yet that they found me. I earn my keep, I catch all the flies in the house, I help Woody catch birds (bats) when they get into the house, But Best of all, I love sleeping with female at night. She lets me get under the blankets and then curl up by her chest and put my head on the pillow. She then puts her arm around me and both drift off to sleep. Of course I have to take turns with Frank as we both can't sleep with her all the time, but we have a good system and everyone seems to be happy with it.

** Hi again, it's been a number of years since I've updated this page. I must tell you that sadly both of the yellow dogs, Bailey and Cahill have passed away and so has Frank. I miss them. Woody is still with me. He's currently 17. I don't know what it is about him. I get along great, but every now and then I just like to hiss at him and then attack.Which in turn makes the female yell at me and then grabs me. When ever that happens I hiss at her. I know I shouldn't as she just gets angry and refuses to let me go. Eventually I pretend to calm down and she says OK, now get out of here, so I run really fast, out the door, sit look at them and then go back. I don't know why I have to do that, but yet I do. The other big change in this house, one I don't like is they got another dog. His name is Bruce Springersteen. I hate him. The only time I go down stairs now is when the male human takes him for a walk. But as soon as they hit the porch, upstairs I go.

Check out some of these pictures of me.


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