This is Bruce. Bruce Springersteen. He is a Springer Spaniel. Born November 10, 2010. We brought him home when he was 8 weeks old. He's a great puppy... I'd like to say here's Bruce, but he is currently sleeping. When he wakes up, or maybe gets a little older, he'll fill out this page.

Now here's Bruce.


Hi Everyone, I'm Bruce. Look at that picture. haahaa I was so cute back then. I'm 6 now. I live with two humans and 2 cats. The cats are like big toys for me. I love to chase them, but get yelled at for doing that. They spend all of thier time upstairs anyways. On rare occassion one of them comes down, they would be ok, but they move so fast. I just can't help it.

I've noticed both Woody and Chloe talk about Cahill. I only knew him for a short while. I remember dunking my entire head into the water bowl and then running to him so he could lick the water off. He was thirst and needed my help. I also used to grab as much food as I could and bring that to him as well. He really appreciated it. He could get up and do those things on his own, but he was sick so I did my best to help him.

Now I'm the only dog. I think of this house and everything around it MINE. I bark at everything, even the ants. I want everyone to know I'm here and this is my home and these are my people. I don't even like it when my people hug. Keep your distance please. You both belong to me, not to each other, if your going to hug anyone it's going to be me.

My favorite place to sleep is on the couch, but these foolish humans gave my couch away and have this white one in here now and I can no longer sleep on the couch. The female tries to make up for it and sits on the floor to snuggle with me. I'm waiting for winter to see if she continues to do that.

Once a week my humans have two other humans come over and they make very loud noise for a couple of hours. One of them is really cool though. I really like him. He comes over and plays with me for about 10 minutes. I love it, and I can just tell that they are all just waiting for him to stop and put the guitar on, but nope I have his attention. It's all about me.... Always!

What I don't understand is why is it that every day my humans jump in the car and go for a ride without me. they are gone for a long time and I just know that they are going to some field and are running around having the best of time. I just don't understand why I only get to so on occassion.

Well I have to go. I smell some squirls and I must go bark at them.


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