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November 10, 1995 - March 24, 2009

He was 13 year old and passed away from Kidney failure..

Frank was a huge part of my life and I miss him a great deal. He had his own page and we decided to leave it up and as is.

Please take a moment to read his stories, and remember him for the "person" cat he was. I know he wasn't a human.. but there were times he thought he was!


Now Here's Frank....

Hello everyone. As you read up above, I'm the favorite cat, and I try real hard to make sure everyone else knows it too. I see she already told you when I was born but she forgot to tell you that I was the runt of the pack and always had to fight to get any food.   As a kitten, I remember this one lady who kept coming to see me, she always played with me and ignored those other kittens, that always made me feel real good. When I became old enough to leave my mom, I went to go live with a man in an apartment and that lady - at first she came and left, I don't know why she wasn't allowed to stay like I was, but, eventually she did stay and it was just the 3 of us, and life was really good. I used to sit on top of her shoulder and we would just walk around the room. When she did dishes, I had to make sure she did them right, so I sat right next to sink. She got me wet a few times, but that was OK. I didn't mind. I like the water. Anyway's as soon as she was done washing the dishes, we had to put them away. It was my job to sit on top of the refrigerator and every time she walked past me with a plate or something, I would stick my paw out, she would have to "slap" it and then put the dish away. I always enjoyed that.

Another thing I used to do that was a lot of fun was chase her around the apartment.  She called it some thing like Tag.  I would run around the corner and wait for her.  She'd come walking by and I would jump out, attack and then run.  She tried to catch me, heehee but I was fast and made it impossible, unless I let her.

Now that you know a little about me let me tell you the story of when the man thought the cops were at the house and took me. haahaa...

   Ok ready, I was just a little guy when this happened.  One day the man want to work and left me to guard the apartment.  I tried my best but I was only like 6 months old and became tired.    Anyway I went to find a nice warm place to sleep.  I figured I'd wake up if anything happened. Guess I was wrong, I was in a deep sleep because apparently (from what I've been told over the years) he came home, there were cops outside, and he couldn't find me and got all nervous. Now my owner truly believed that the cops were there to kick him out of the apartment, because I wasn't really supposed to be living there.  (I guess there was something about no cool cats allowed.)   My owner called the female and started whispering to her telling her the cops were there and they took me. He was laying on the floor trying to hear what was being said, calling that lady asking for help, she kept telling him to look under the couch, bed and places like that. Little did he know I was sleeping  in his nice warm waders!  I've heard them laugh about this over and over, I guess he looked for me for about 1 hour.   Guess I should have woken up and came out of that nice warm sleeping spot when I heard my name. He was so sure that they came and took me away and they were about to kick him out of the house, but that never happened.

Check out this picture. This was my ultimate favorite place to be.

Don't I look just so Cool up there?

About a year later we moved into this yellow house, it was ok, but I miss that spot on the cupboard. I could watch everything from up there.

The worst thing about moving into that house. Was they brought in this big yellow dog! What were they thinking. I'm the important one. I made it clear too, that dog was not staying... She did not belong there, she was not wanted.. or needed. Well they didn't listen, NOOOO, that dog stayed. I must admit that eventually it was OK and Bailey and I became buds. The other sad part about moving into this house, was I could no longer get to the top of the refrigerator, tag pretty much stopped. I still run past her and slap her as I pass, as the corners of this house just aren't the same, and there's no place for me to hide while she comes for me and vice versa, and lets not forget that I lost my favorite spot in the world.

And gets this... over time, these crazy humans brought in another cat, another dog and yet another cat. So I went from being the only one to living with 2 dogs and 2 other cats. The 3rd cat was too much for me. It took me close to 6 months to like this her.

On September 25, 2006 the first dog, Bailey left us. I must say I miss her a lot. We all miss her. I'm now the oldest, slowing down a little, I now love sleeping on that electric blanket the female uses during the winter time, I get to crawl under the blankets (on her side only) when I am cold or just want to snuggle. When I'm in the mood, I'll still play tag, but it's usually just one or two times not for the half hour thing anymore. I can still cause all kinds of trouble and my nose still gives it a way as the fur or maybe it's just the skin, but the white fur on my nose gets all pinkish. Oh and I still refuse to drink out of a water dish. They have to turn on the bathtub faucet for me to drink out of. Over all there may be 2 other cats in this house, I may be the oldest of them all, but I'm still the coolest cat in town, and the favorite.

Check out these other cool pictures of me.